EastEnders spoilers: Confused Jean lashes out at Whitney and collapses with a seizure after not taking her medication


JEAN Slater’s mental health struggle continues next week in EastEnders as she reports Whitney’s disappearance to the police – even though she’s back in the Square – and then bites her head off when she sees her at the restaurant.

The cleaner – who has stopped taking her bipolar medication – then collapses from a seizure.

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Jean rages at Whitney for lying about her disappearance after calling the police

EastEnders fans know that Jean has been struggling with her mental health recently after losing Daniel for the second time. 

Viewers know that Jean had to grieve for her lover twice after he faked his death and then died for real upon his return.

Last month, viewers were concerned for Jean when she thought Daniel had returned from the dead again when she received a posthumous present from him. 

The gift was a piano and when Tommy played it later, Jean thought it was Daniel resurrected and playing her a tune. 

Kush has been growing increasingly concerned about Jean’s erratic behaviour and is set to realise she’s not taking her medication this week

Shirley grows concerned about Jean’s erratic behaviour

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Kush continue to worry about Jean’s erratic behaviour. 

In the upcoming scenes, Shirley calls out for Kush and warns him that the police are arriving. 

Kush is baffled to learn that Jean called the police multiple times to report Whitney’s disappearance – even though she’s back in the Square. 

Jean collapses as she suffers from a seizure

Jean is humiliated and rages at Kush, before exploding at a shocked Whitney later in the restaurant for lying about her whereabouts and making her look stupid. 

Shirley has a deep chat with Kush and he admits that he discovered that Jean hasn’t been taking her medication. 

Kush and Shirley then take matters into their own hands and devise a plan to get her taking her pills.

Kush devises a plan to get Jean taking her medication

Later in the week, Shirley and Kush- who assume Jean’s mood swings are down to her not taking her medication – try to broach the situation with Jean but she ends up biting their heads off.  

Jean storms off, leaving Tina and Shirley searching for her. 

When they finally find her, they’re stunned to find her having a seizure.