EastEnders spoilers: Dana brutally assaulted as Bobby Beale forced to watch


BOBBY Beale is left kicking himself after he fails to save to his girlfriend Dana from a harrowing ordeal next week in EastEnders.

The pair’s new romance has hardly been smooth sailing after Bobby tried to hide his killer secret. 

Harvey orders Dana to dump Bobby
Dana is attacked by a group of men after handing out flyers for the new mosque with Bobby

Dana eventually accepted Bobby’s past after he confessed to killing his sister, but the same can’t be said for Dana’s father Harvey, who hit the roof when he found out.

Next week, Harvey orders Dana to reconsider her relationship with Bobby.

Later in the week, Bobby, Dana, Waseem, Iqra and Kioni hand out flyers for support of the new mosque.

However, disaster strikes when a sinister group approaches and antagonises them with racial slurs.

Harvey pops by later to show his support but ends up making an offensive joke – much to Dana’s horror.

At the cab office, Bobby professes his love for Dana, promising Harvey that he’ll protect her.

However, disaster strikes later when the men return from earlier and corner him and Dana.

Iqra and Kionin run away, leaving the group to physically assault Dana whilst Bobby watches on in horror.

At the police station, Iqra apologises for leaving the group during the attack and Bobby battles a guilty conscience for failing to protect Dana. 

How will Harvey react when he discovers what’s happened?

Harvey has hardly taken a shine to killer Bobby

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