EastEnders spoilers: Denise Fox disappears after violent confrontation with serial killer ex Lucas Johnson


DENISE Fox disappears after violent confrontation with her serial killer ex Lucas Johnson next week in EastEnders.

Denise was horrified to see her serial killer ex Lucas – who was sent to prison in 2016 after his gruesome killing spree – back in the Square over the Christmas period. 

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Denise quizzes Chelsea when she says she’s going on holiday

And it seems she was right to be worried as next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Lucas back to his old tricks. 

Viewers will see Chelsea mention she’s going on holiday – and leave Denise and Patrick suspicious.

Later, Lucas questions Chelsea about their trip and persuades Chelsea to visit Church with him.

Denise is stunned to learn Chelsea is going away with Lucas

But things take a turn when he’s interrupted by her phone ringing.

Chelsea’s plans begin to crumble when Lucas refuses to go away. 

Later in the week, Denise pushes to know who she’s going on holiday with and, when she realises it’s Lucas, she storms over and accuses Lucas of manipulating Chelsea.

Lucas realises Denise had no idea it’s all Chelsea’s idea and reminds her that he can’t even leave the country, but Chelsea steps in and assures Lucas that the paperwork is sorted.

Denise is furious when Lucas refuses to leave for the holiday

Lucas suggests taking Denise instead, but Chelsea refuses and leaves Denise wounded.

Later, as Chelsea waits by the taxi, Lucas refuses to leave.

Denise hears the commotion and confronts Lucas, telling him he’s let his daughter down again. 

Denise disappears following a confrontation with Lucas

As Denise continues to rage at him, Lucas finally snaps.

Viewers will later see Chelsea with Jack looking for Denise following her disappearance.

Vinny interrupts them and says he thinks something has happened at the flat and that he’s seen blood.

They run over and see the flat in an absolute tip, but Denise and Lucas are nowhere to be found.

What has Lucas done?

Denise was stunned to see her ex back in the Square over the Christmas period, but even more shocked to see that their daughter Chelsea was also back in Walford.

Denise was left upset by her daughter’s apparent alliance with the villain.

But in a shock twist, recent episodes revealed Chelsea was somehow involved in Lucas’s brutal attack that drove him away from the Square.