EastEnders spoilers: Dot Branning gives Sonia Fowler a staggering gift


DOT Branning gives Sonia Fowler a staggering gift next week in EastEnders. 

Sonia plans to invest her early inheritance into her dad Terry ‘Rocky’ Cant’s warehouse development idea.

Sonia gets a huge surprise from Dot Branning

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Rocky fume when he overhears Sonia talking to her new chap Ethan about their date.

Later, Rocky takes Whitney to a gig and everything is going swimmingly until he spots Ethan kissing another woman at the bar. 

It all kicks off as Rocky punches Ethan and is taken away by security. 

Later in the week, Sonia suggests investing her inheritance that she has been given early by Dot into Rocky’s warehouse development idea. 

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She is interrupted by Ethan, who tries to apologise, but Sonia makes clear he’s rejected. 

Later in the cafe, Sonia tells Dotty and Kathy about her investment plans with Rocky. 

Can Rocky be trusted?

Viewers know that Sonia and Rocky hardly got off on the right foot when she accused him of leering at Dotty but eventually she agreed to give him a second chance.

Sonia then put her foot in it when she accused Rocky of being a burglar, before realising she’d got the wrong end of the stick.

Sonia plans to use the money to go into business with Rocky