EastEnders spoilers: Frankie resorts to following Nancy to discover what she’s hiding


FRANKIE Lewis resorts to following Nancy Carter to discover what she’s hiding next week in EastEnders. 

Nancy – who is played by Maddy Hill in the BBC One soap – has been acting mysteriously ever since her unexpected return to Walford earlier this month.

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Nancy raises Frankie’s suspicions

Viewers know that Nancy’s suspicious behaviour has raised her family’s suspicions. 

Next week, Nancy raises their suspicions further after she tries and fails to get a job at the gym. 

When Nancy turns up late to the picnic in a tizzy, Frankie realises that something is wrong.

Later, Linda and Nancy plan a picnic for Shirley and when she overhears her daughter calling Tamway, she presumes he’s going to make a surprise entrance. 

When Zack tells Mick and Linda that Nancy is trying to get a job at the gym, they’re confused.

Nancy decides to follow Frankie to discover what she’s hiding

Things only worsen for Nancy when Linda is shocked by what she finds in her daughter’s coat.

Frankie tries to get Nancy to open up, but when she refuses, she ends up following her to try and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Later, it all kicks off when Linda confronts Nancy about what she’s found.

Will Frankie discover what Nancy is up to?

Speaking about the secrecy surrounding Nancy’s comeback, the soap’s Executive Producer Jon Sen said: “There’s a lot of mystery surrounding her return and she’s coming back to a family that have been through a very difficult year – things are definitely not as Nancy left them.”

He added: “Maddy is a fantastic actor and we feel very lucky to have her back in Walford.”

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