EastEnders spoilers: Freddie Slater returns to Walford with a shock for ‘dad’ Billy Mitchell

EastEnders,06-09-2022,6551,Billy Mitchell (PERRY FENWICK);Freddie Slater (BOBBY BRAZIER),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 30TH AUGUST 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

WHILE the Slaters get ready for Kat’s wedding to Phil Mitchell, one member of their clan makes a thundering return.

As announced by EastEnders bosses, Freddie Slater will be giving Billy Mitchell a shock, introducing himself as his son.

Bobby Brazier makes a his EastEnders debut next week

He’s been chosen to play the part of Freddie Slater

The lad introduces himself to Billy Mitchell as his son

Harlow influencer Bobby Brazier makes his acting debut next week in the long-running soap as Little Mo‘s son Freddie.

The lad heads to Albert Square in search for answers about his father – but not before causing a little trouble in the market.

Coming up, Freddie engages in some haggling at a market stall belonging to Billy Mitchell (played by Perry Fenwick) and helps himself to a bap from Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) stall without paying.

Later on, Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) spots Freddie by the Walford tube where he is being reprimanded for jumping the barrier.

Bobby feels for the youngster, taking pity on him, covers the fare.

Freddie is then seen by Billy again but, this time, the latter won’t show any kindness and is ready to call the police – until Freddie approaches him and reveals he’s his son.

Billy’s former wife Honey gets wind and storms out on Billy at The Vic, demanding that he contacts Freddie’s mother, Little Mo, to urge her to tell the truth about his biological father.

A hurt Freddie is later comforted by Stacey who assures him that his mother will have the answers he craves.

But by the end of the night, Stacey and Eve are alarmed to find out Freddie is gone and head off to find him.

Freddie is seemingly unaware that he was actually conceived when his mother was raped by her friend Graham Foster, in late 2003.

The assault led to the breakdown of her marriage with Billy Mitchell.

Later on, the couple tried to give their romance another shot but Billy struggled to accept Freddie.

As a baby, Freddie lived in the Slater household with his mother, his great-grandmother Big Mo, his grandfather Charlie and second cousin, Stacey.

In 2006, Little Mo left Albert Square for a new life in Devon, taking her son with her and Freddie hadn’t been seen since.

Meanwhile, Graham was thrown in prison in 2004 and Billy even went to visit him.

This led to the rapist taunting the market stall owner, pointing out that Freddie will probably look like him and claiming he was looking forward to seeing his biological son once he was released.

Although he was supposedly released after eight years behind bars, Graham has never reappeared in Walford.

How will Billy tell Freddie the truth?

Could Little Mo also come back to fetch her son, despite expectations?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Freddie wreaks havoc upon his first arrival in the Square

Honey demands that Billy clear things up about Freddie’s father

How will the youngster cope with the truth?