EastEnders spoilers: Honey and Billy Mitchell panic as daughter Janet goes missing


HONEY and Billy Mitchell are thrown into a state of panic as their daughter Janet goes missing next week in EastEnders. 

The exes have locked horns in recent weeks after Billy discovered that Honey is dating Jay Brown, the man he considers his son.

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A talent scout tells Billy she’d like Janet to front a commercial

Billy continues to sulk next week in EastEnders as Jay tells a disappointed Honey that he and Billy really aren’t getting along.

Later, a talent scout called Amelia introduces herself and announces she’s looking for someone to front a commercial.

Billy is chuffed when Amelia nods to Janet, but Honey is hesitant about the idea and the pair end up arguing over whether she should go to the audition. 

Later, Honey falls while chatting to Whitney at the Minute Mart and hurts her back. 

Honey isn’t sure about the audition and argues with Billy

As she recuperates from the accident, Billy arrives and they realise neither of them picked Janet up from her audition. 

They rush to find her, but Janet is nowhere to be found.

Will the incident with Janet lead Honey to reevaluate her priorities?

Speaking about how a romance between Honey and Jay would upset her ex Billy, actress Emma Barton recently told Metro.co.uk: “If anything did happen, it would be very complicated and cause quite a bit of drama because she, Jay and Billy have such a history together and poor Billy, he still loves Honey very much.”

Honey is shocked when she realises she and Billy both forgot to pick Janet up from her audition

She added: “It might cause a lot of conflict.”

And speaking about her character’s love life ahead of her return to the soap last September following a nine month break, actress Emma Barton revealed that she wants her character to get back together with Billy – and not date Jay.

Talking to Radio Times, Emma revealed: “I’m not going to lie, speaking as Emma I do think Honey and Billy belong together.

“They write so brilliantly and truthfully for them so it’s not like they will just simply pick up, there is always a journey with those characters and I love that.

“Let’s see where her and Billy’s relationship goes…”