EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater begs Shirley Carter for help after making horrifying discovery


JEAN Slater begs Shirley Carter for help after making a horrifying discovery next week in EastEnders. 

Jean was shocked to see Mo had left Jean a garage full of cannabis plants a few months ago. 

Jean returns home from Sean’s and gets a nasty shock
Jean asks for Shirley’s help when she realises the cannabis plants are thriving in the garage

With Mo away on a cruise with Fat Elvis, Jean chose to deal with the problem on her own and switched off the heat lamps, hoping to kill the plants.

However, next week it becomes clear that Jean’s plan has failed miserably.

Upon her return from visiting Sean, Jean will realise that the marijuana in the garage didn’t die whilst she was away.

She’s in for another shock when she realises that Ruby hasn’t fulfilled her promise and come clean to Martin about framing Stacey for causing her miscarriage.

Ruby panics as Martin comes home, certain that Jean has told him everything, but she’s relieved when it becomes clear that he’s still oblivious. 

Meanwhile, Jean wonders what to do with the huge tropical drug den and summons Shirley to the garage to assist her.

Later in the week, Martin tells Ruby that Lily got caught with weed at school.

Ruby is suspicious when Lily insists she got it from a classmate and starts to put two and two together.

Later in the week, Jean sees Ruby and reveals she’s heading over to tell Martin the truth.

EastEnders bosses have teased that Ruby makes a huge decision in light of Jean’s threats.

Is she about to drop Jean in it?

EastEnders boss Kate Oates recently teased that Ruby would meet her downfall this autumn as Stacey makes her return to the Square. 

Speaking to HOAR and other media, she revealed: “So we’ve got Ruby, who Jean is intent on bringing down and clearing Stacey’s name. 

“Ruby is going to come to a slightly sticky end. That means we’ve also got Stacey’s return, who has a new friend in tow.” 

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