EastEnders spoilers: Kathy Beale catches son Ben Mitchell blackmailing Martin Fowler


BEN Mitchells mum Kathy Beale will be shocked to catch her son blackmailing Martin Fowler in an upcoming episode of EastEnders.

Ben – played by Harry Reid – has been controlling Martin and making him do all his dirty work but in an upcoming episode the villains mum will warn him to change his ways.

Ben has been blackmailing Martin in EastEnders for months

EastEnders viewers will know that Ben and Martin are in the midst of a long-running feud after Martins wife, Stacey, smacked Bens dad, Phil Mitchell over the head with a spanner earlier this year.

When Stacey stumbled in on Phil nearly killing her husband, she took action and battered Phil over the head in a moment of panic.

Ben then came across the scene and vowed to sort out the mess, planning to frame Keanu Taylor for the crime.

But when it all backfired he kept the spanner for blackmail purposes, reminding the Slaters that its covered all over with Staceys prints.

Backed into a corner, Stacey then went on the run with Martin and the children.

The Square’s villain hasnt allowed Stacey to return to Albert Square since and has used the wrench to blackmail poor fruit and veg flogger Martin into following his every command.

The BBC soap fans will know that the ongoing feud reached boiling point last month as Ben got his gang to beat Martin up and dangle him upside down over the railway bridge, just as Martin did to Ben when he was a kid.

EastEnders Ben has been blackmailing Martin with the spanner that Stacey used to wallop Phil

Kathy will overhear Ben threaten to harm Martins family in EastEnders

But in an upcoming episode, Kathy is shocked when she overhears her son blackmailing family man Martin into doing another job for him.

Kathy will be disgusted to hear Ben threaten to hurt Martins family if he doesnt do exactly what he asks.

In a dramatic showdown Kathy later confronts Ben, warning him to change his approach to work.

But will a disapproving mum be enough to make Bens conscience kick in?

EastEnders viewers will have to tune in next week to find out.