EastEnders spoilers: Katy Lewis flees as the police turn up at her door


KATY Lewis flees next week in EastEnders as the police come knocking at her door.

Katy’s daughter Frankie will turn on her mum in the BBC One soap after she’s exposed as a paedophile in intense scenes.

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Frankie tells Katy she deserves what’s coming to her

EastEnders viewers know that Katy arrived in the Square shortly after her daughter Frankie in order to manipulate Mick – who she raped as a child – into keeping quiet about the abuse.

But Mick confronted Katy last week after months of struggling to process the past – and forced her to admit she had abused him.

Katy, however, grabbed back control by promising Mick that if he went to the police, she would say he raped her.

Mick then confided in his wife Linda, explaining that Frankie was his daughter and that Katy had raped him when he was 12, but shut down her pleas to report Katy to the police.

Katy flees as the police arrive

Katy finds Mick who insists he didn’t ring the police

But next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see the walls begin to close in on Katy as Frankie reports her mum to the police and Shirley discovers the abuse. 

Upcoming scenes will see the Carter’s start to worry that Tina won’t show up to her hearing, but they’re reassured when Gray lies that Tina might turn up and surprise them. 

Later, Gray sends the family a text from Tina’s phone. 

Mick orders Katy to leave him alone

Shirley is stunned when she overhears that Katy abused Mick as a child

What is he up to?

Meanwhile, in a furious showdown, Frankie tells her mum that she deserves everything that’s coming to her and Katy worries she’s reported her when she hears the police knocking at her door. 

Katy sneaks out before the police can quiz her and turns up at Mick’s, who orders her to leave. 

Mick insists he hasn’t called the police and tells her that it must be Frankie. 

Katy does her best to manipulate the situation to her advantage again but, as Mick loses control and tells her how he really feels, the pair are stunned to see Shirley standing there. 

Later, Shirley is shocked and saddened to realise that Linda knew that Mick had been abused. 

Will the police catch Katy?