EastEnders spoilers: Keegan Baker and Tiffany in shock split


KEEGAN Baker shocks Tiffany with a huge revelation next week in EastEnders. 

The couple hit rock bottom months ago and fans have been hoping that Tiffany will divorce the difficult sandwich seller ever since – but it’s looking like Keegan might be the one to pull the plug in upcoming scenes. 

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Keegan stuns Tiffany with a huge revelation

EastEnders viewers know that Keegan has been left at breaking point after a number of racial injustices over the past few months.

Between being constantly stopped and searched by the police and being arrested for a criminal damage crime he didn’t commit, nothing seems to be going right for the poor lad. 

Fans know that Keegan’s frustration at his bad luck has been putting tension on his marriage with Tiffany, who’s struggling to cope with his miserable behaviour. 

But Tiffany only made matters worse when she tried to get through to him by telling him that being black wasn’t a disability and that he should stop moaning.

After his loan application for his sandwich business was rejected, Tiffany told him: “I don’t know why it’s all got to be about labels, and why it’s got to be about the colour of your skin. Maybe your business plan just wasn’t quite good enough.”

Keegan tells Tiffany he’s not interested in talking to her

Unsurprisingly, Keegan wasn’t thrilled by her lack of empathy and has been pushing her away ever since. 

When his food van was vandalised by a group of thugs before he had sorted insurance, Keegan was distraught but refused support from his wife and instead broke down in his mum’s arms. 

Episodes set to air this week will see Karen prepare to move away from Walford for good with Sharon’s son Kayden.

But she’s shocked when Keegan asks to move with her.

Keegan is sick of things not going well for him

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Tiffany devastated when Keegan tells her he’s not interested in talking to her. 

Later, Keegan and Tiffany meet up to talk but Tiffany is stunned by what he has to say.

Is Keegan about to end things with Tiffany?

If so, has he decided to move away with Karen for good?