EastEnders spoilers: Lexi Mitchell makes a heartbreaking discovery

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LOLA Pearce received the support of her nearest and dearest upon finding out she was suffering from a brain tumour.

But her daughter Lexi is being kept in the dark… until she makes a devastating discovery next week in EastEnders.

Lexi has no idea her mother Lola Pearce is still battling cancer

She makes a devastating discovery next week in EastEnders

Will Lola tell her the full truth?

After an unsuccessful brain operation, Lola (portrayed by departing actress Danielle Harold) has no choice but to turn to radiotherapy.

In scenes due to air on BBC One, she gets ready for her first appointment just as she continues to hide the truth from Lexi about her prognosis.

The ten-year-old girl played by Isabella Brown is perhaps the only member of Lola’s close family who has no clue she’s battling cancer but her father Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is concerned.

The Arches mechanic doesn’t feel comfortable with keeping everything under wraps from Lexi.

Meanwhile, Lola finds it hard to cope with the impacts of her treatment, a struggle she may not be able to hide from her daughter for much longer.

In later scenes, Ben, Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) all try to encourage Lola to come clean but she storms off.

Ben reiterates and pressures Lola into telling Lexi what’s going on, warning her that she may pick up on it by herself.

Little does he know how right he really is.

Soon enough, Lexi overhears Lola talking and her suspicions begin to grow.

These are quickly confirmed by a sad discovery.

Lexi is startled by a letter arriving for Lola and decides to read it, but what does she find?

Lola gets an alarming call letting her know that Lexi never showed up to school.

A panicked Lola tries to look for her daughter with the help of Jay and Ben.

The young girl is eventually found in the park and Lexi shows them what she’s found – a letter outlining her mother’s treatment.

As it becomes clear that she knows the truth, Lexi is brought back home where Lola finally tells her everything.

In an effort to cheer her up, Lola takes Lexi out for the day but worries that she may be angry at her.

How will Lexi react when faced with her mother’s condition?

Will Lola really be fully honest with her?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Lola is encouraged by Ben an Jay to tell Lexi the truth

But how will the young girl react?
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