EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter horrified as his abuser Katy Lewis arrives and drops a bombshell about daughter Frankie


MICK Carter is horrified next week when Katy Lewis arrives and drops a bombshell about their daughter Frankie.

The BBC One soap has kicked off a horrifying child sexual abuse storyline for Mick after it was revealed Mick was abused by his care worker Katy Lewis when he was put in care as a child. 

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Mick’s childhood abuser Katy Lewis arrives in Albert Square

EastEnders viewers quickly realised that something wasn’t right when Frankie dropped the bombshell that she was his estranged daughter earlier this month.

The small age gap between the father and daughter left fans wondering if Mick had been abused. 

And it seems viewers were right as Frankie tried to get Mick to see the truth about the abuse her mother inflicted upon him after learning he was only 12 when he fathered her.

Katy drops a shock bombshell about Frankie

But Mick, who has clearly remained in denial about the abuse for years, continued to insist that it was just a harmless affair.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Mick shocked out of his skin when he sees Katy standing before him. 

After steadying himself, Mick demands to know why she never told him that Frankie is his daughter. 

But Mick isn’t prepared for what Katy says next. 

Shirley and Tina try and understand what’s bothering Mick

What is she going to reveal?

Later, Tina sees them together and bounds over, reminiscing about their time together in the care home.

Katy receives a message from Frankie about meeting up and asks Mick to join, eventually managing to convince him to attend.

How will it go?

Later, Tina tries to understand what’s bothering Mick and asks Ian to give him a job. 

Tina and Shirley arrive while Mick is behind the bar and when Tina mentions Katy, things quickly take a dark turn.

Mick accidentally breaks a bottle of vodka, leading a furious Ian to reveal that Tina made him give Mick the job.

Is Mick about to head on a downward spiral?