EastEnders spoilers: Nancy Carter returns as Mick embraces Frankie as his daughter


NANCY Carter returns as Mick embraces Frankie Lewis as his daughter next week in EastEnders. 

Nancy – who is played by actress Maddy Hill – left Albert Square in 2016 to settle down and start married life with her husband Tamwar in New Zealand.

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Nancy Carter returns to the Square

But next week, Nancy will rock up in the Queen Vic and crash Mick’s other daughter Frankie’s birthday party. 

Viewers will see Frankie shrug off attention from Zack as he tries to chat her up. 

When Sharon announces Zack is her half-brother, it gives Mick food for thought and he decides to be honest about Frankie’s identity. 

Nancy left Walford in 2016 to live in New Zealand

EastEnders has teased a war between Nancy and her sister Frankie

But as he’s telling everyone Frankie is his daughter, Mick is stunned to see who has just walked through the doors of The Vic and heard his speech – Nancy Carter. 

EastEnders has teased a war between the sisters in the coming weeks as Nancy learns Frankie has been given her room in the Vic.

“They have been thrown together under the worst circumstances,” actress Rose Ayling-Ellis – who plays Frankie – said. 

“I think Frankie will be expecting some hostility from Nancy.

“I think they will get on really well in the long term, they are both outspoken and I think that dynamic is going to be fun to play as sisters.”

Viewers Nancy first arrived in Walford with the Carters in 2014 and became involved in the Square’s drama as her family took over the reins of the pub.

But Mick eventually kicked Nancy out after Ollie was caught in the crossfire of her row with Lee – and was accidentally knocked out of his pram. 

In 2019, Mick and Linda got a call informing them that Nancy and Tanwar had got engaged in Australia and were planning on settling down in New Zealand.

Speaking about her return, Maddy Hill said: “I’m so excited to be coming back and reconnecting with all the hilarious, warm, talented cast and crew and meeting some lovely new faces.

“I absolutely loved playing Nancy and have often wondered what she’s up to, so feel very grateful to be able to rediscover her five years on!”

The soap’s Executive Producer Jon Sen said: “We’re delighted to have Maddy back and I can’t wait for audiences to see what’s in store for Nancy.

“There’s a lot of mystery surrounding her return and she’s coming back to a family that have been through a very difficult year – things are definitely not as Nancy left them.”

He added: “Maddy is a fantastic actor and we feel very lucky to have her back in Walford.”