EastEnders spoilers: Peter Beale kisses Ash Panesar just weeks after bedding her scheming mum Suki


PETER Beale kisses Ash Panesar just weeks after bedding her scheming mother Suki next week in EastEnders. 

Peter has had his eye on Ash for a while in the BBC One soap and landed himself in hospital last month after streaking around the Square in a cape to impress her. 

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Kim notices Ash and Peter flirting and suggests some date ideas

As Peter woke up in hospital, he confessed his feelings for Ash and asked her out on a date.

Next week, Kim Fox notices Ash and Peter flirting and suggests some daytime date ideas. 

Peter jumps at the opportunity and ramps up his flirting, but when Suki enters and dampens the mood, he makes a hasty exit. 

Peter runs off when Suki crashes his date with Ash

Peter asks Suki if she’s going to be a problem

Later, Ash confides in Kim about their date being cut short. 

Meanwhile, Peter heads to find Suki to find out if she’s going to be a problem. 

Will Ash discover he slept with her mother?

Iqra sees her ex Ash kissing Peter

Later in the week, Peter makes an appearance at the shop and kisses Ash again as Iqra arrives. 

Kim sees the awkward exchange and later embarks on another matchmaking venture, hatching a plan for Iqra and Mila. 

Viewers know that Ash recently split from Iqra after she discovered Ash had kept the fact that Jags was innocent a secret from her.

Peter slept with Suki only weeks ago after she propositioned him

With her sister Habiba pregnant with Jags’ baby, Iqra was furious with Ash for lying and dumped her on the spot. 

How will Ash feel about Iqra moving on?

Speaking to Digital Spy about her character’s relationship with Peter, actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha – who plays Ash in the soap – revealed the possibility of a romance: “On a friendship level, she wants to be there for him and maybe it’ll develop into something more.

“But then it could all be a distraction and she doesn’t want to be with him truly – who knows!”

She added: “I think Ash knows that Peter is interested in her a little – not that he’d want a relationship with her or anything that serious at this stage. He is that guy on the Square that’s been with a few of the other girls, Ash enjoys him trying his luck!”