EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell in danger as Kat Slater’s classic car heist gets underway


KAT Slater and Phil Mitchell will dance with death next week in EastEnders when they carry out an elaborate robbery to steal classic cars from the firm Kat cleans for. 

The Slaters have been struggling financially in the BBC One soap ever since their evil landlord Suki Panesar increased the rent and threatened them with eviction.

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Kat panicks and pulls the plug on the robbery

To make matters worse, Kush turned to gambling to pay the rent increase and has been heading down a slippery slope.

Disaster struck when Ruby teamed up with Suki to plan a poker night and lure in Kush, hoping to get the money they’re owned and run the Slaters out of Walford.

With Kush’s huge gambling losses weighing heavily on the Slaters, Kat will ask Phil to help her with a robbery this week in the soap. 

Kat reveals Kush as her new driver

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Shirley and Kat lock horns as they fret about the upcoming robbery. 

Getting the jitters, Kat announces that she’s calling off their plan to steal classic cars from the firm she cleans at. 

But Ben chases after her and convinces her to go through with it, promising that everything will go smoothly.

Later, Kat reveals that Kush is her new driver to Phil, Ben and Shirley. 

Phil gets the wheels of the robbery in motion

The Mitchell’s aren’t impressed but Kat is adamant that he’ll do the job. 

Later, Kat, Kush, Shirley, Phil and Ben put their plan into action and make their way to the job.

Shirley and Kat stay on the lookout while Ben, Kush and Phil put the wheels of their plan in motion.

Will they pull it off?

EastEnders has revealed that the group will get away with the heist.

But will everything be as it seems?

Viewers know that DI Thompson is hot on Phil’s heels after policeman Callum was forced into snitching on him.

Will Thompson turn up and arrest Phil?

If so, will the Slaters be looking at prison time too?