EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell’s criminal empire in tatters after Ian Beale turned him in


PHIL Mitchell’s criminal empire is in tatters next week in EastEnders after Ian Beale reported him to the police. 

Ian will be left for dead in a horrifying attack in the pub, sparking a mystery whodunit this Christmas. 

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Ben grows determined to work out who reported the Mitchells to the police

The unpopular businessman, who’s in a bit of a pickle after remortgaging his mum’s cafe behind her back, overheard Ben discussing the Mitchell’s car heist and asked to be part of it to get a quick payday. 

But Ben was in no mood to help him and rejected Ian’s offer. 

Later, viewers watched in shock as Ian called the police to report them for their criminal behaviour.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Ben grow determined to work out who grassed on them. 

Ben heads to the Vic guns blazing

He flies into a rage when he realises that noone wants to work with the Mitchells after they were reported to the police, and vows to finish whoever turned them in.

Elsewhere, Phil begs Sharon to think about pulling the lawyers off in case they discover something dodgy, but Sharon insists she wants what’s hers.

Later, Ben arrives fuming at the Queen Vic but he’s shocked to see the police are approaching. 

Everyone is shocked when Ian is arrested

Assuming they’re here to speak to him, he’s stunned when they actually arrest Ian. 

Kathy rushes to the station after Ian, but she’s hurt when he blames her for the arrest and shares some harsh truths with her son. 

Later, in another shock turn of events, Ian is attacked and left lying motionless on the floor of the pub. 

Might the attack have something to do with the Mitchells?

Viewers will have to tune in to find out.