EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts sets her sights on Kheerat Panesar after being rejected by ex Phil Mitchell


SHARON Watts sets her sights on Kheerat Panesar after being rejected by ex Phil Mitchell next week in EastEnders.

The former pub landlady demands to be a part of Phil’s money laundering business this week – but he refuses. 

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Sharon agrees to go for a drink with Kheerat

When Sharon ends up setting her sights on the gym instead, she gains Kheerat’s sympathy when Ben swoops in and makes an offer on it before she’s had a chance. 

Next week, viewers will see Sharon and Kheerat agree to meet for a drink. 

Sharon chastises Jean and Mo’s lacklustre work at the Minute Mart.

Sharon ends up standing Kheerat up when she’s distracted by Jean

But she’s horrified as watches Jean taking her frustration out on a delivery van, climbing in as the driver gets out. 

Jean encourages the angry driver to ring the police, before crashing the van.  

Zack rolls up in Walford

Zack insists on buying Sharon breakfast

When the police arrive, Sharon manages to calm Jean down. 

Meanwhile, Kheerat waits at The Vic for Sharon, growing more and more impatient when she fails to turn up. 

By the time Sharon eventually makes it to the pub, she realises she’s too late – and that she’s missed her chance with Kheerat.

Jean reminds Sharon to appreciate her family just as a car pulls up. 

Phil rejects Sharon’s advances this week when she demands to be part of his money laundering business

Sharon and Jean step outside to see Zack, who Sharon orders to leave. 

Later in the week, Zack insists on buying Sharon breakfast.

Kheerat interrupts and, as Sharon tries to make amends and apologise for standing him up the other day, Zack swipes her keys.

Will Kheerat give Sharon another chance?

Sharon is later stunned to find Zack snooping in her bedroom and discovering that Gavin left them both something in his will. 

The siblings end up bonding and Sharon asks him to stay, but she’s upset when he leaves anyway.