EastEnders spoilers: Shirley Carter threatens to destroy Phil Mitchell after discovering truth about Ian Beale attack


SHIRLEY Carter threatens to destroy Phil Mitchell if Tina doesn’t come home after discovering the truth about Ian Beale’s attack.

Tina was murdered by Gray in a brutal showdown at the end of last year after she discovered he had killed his wife Chantelle. 

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Mick tells Shirley that Phil helped Sharon attack Ian

But Shirley and Mick think that Tina’s disappearance has something to do with Ian Beale’s attack after Sharon framed her for the crime after she went missing.

Gray went along with the lie and sent the Carters a text from Tina’s phone confessing to the attack in order to cover his tracks. 

But everything changed in recent scenes when Max dropped the bombshell that Sharon was behind Ian’s attack in the pub – and that Tina is innocent. 

Shirley and Mick were left baffled by the development, not understanding why Tina would confess to a crime she didn’t do. 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Mick tell Shirley that Sharon didn’t plan Ian’s downfall on her own – and that Phil helped her. 

Shirley is pleased when Gray tells Shirley he’ll help her find Tina.

Killer Gray promises to help Shirley find Tina

Shirley tells Phil if Tina doesn’t come home she’ll kill him

Later, Shirley heads out on a rampage and violently confronts Phil and warns him that if Tina doesn’t return in one piece, she’ll kill him. 

Shirley then spots Gray milling around and asks him why he’s not looking for Tina, accusing him of knowing Tina was innocent all along.

Will Gray blow?

Later in the week, Mick and Shirley will be shocked to discover that Tina has been spotted shoplifting in London by the police. 

But while Mick is relieved, Tina only grows increasingly worried and grows determined to find her. 

Viewers didn’t actually see Gray kill Tina on-screen, and fans have been predicting a death twist ever since Gray wrapped her body up in wrapping paper before stuffing it in the boot of his car and driving off. 

Fans think Tina could turn out to be alive – and come back to expose Gray.