EastEnders spoilers: Tiffany Butcher gets a job in the funeral parlour giving makeovers to corpses


TIFFANY Butcher gets a job in the funeral parlour giving makeovers to corpses next week in EastEnders. 

The beautician in training – who is played by Maisie Smith in the BBC One soap – will be freaked out by the morbid parts of the job.

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Tiffany is horrified by the morbid aspects of her new job at the funeral parlour

Viewers know that Tiffany and Keegan were left struggling financially after his food van, which he hadn’t yet insured, was destroyed by a vandal earlier this year.

Matters were made worse when Tiffany revealed that she’d been hiding letters from him – and that they were being evicted from their home. 

But next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see things looking up for the couple as they realise they’ve managed to pay Kheerat back the money he lent Keegan for his business months ago. 

Keegan tries to impress Tiffany with a romantic gesture

Keegan runs over Rainie on his way to meet Tiffany

But Tiffany remembers she still needs to get a new job for when she’s not at college and starts searching.

She’s thrilled when Rainie realises they could use a beautician in training at the funeral parlour.

Tiffany is chuffed but quickly becomes overwhelmed with the more gory parts of her new job.

Rainie and Stuart do their best to make Tiffany feel welcome, but will their quirky style only make Tiffany feel more on edge?

Meanwhile, Keegan stews over the fact that Tiffany is only working to help him and sets off to make a romantic gesture. 

But as Keegan races towards Tiffany on his bike, he bumps into Rainie as she listens to her new hypnobirthing app – and watches in horror as she tumbles into the gutter.

Later, Keegan and Tiffany are horrified when Rainie admits she’s pregnant.

Will the baby be okay?

And will Tiffany keep her job?

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