EastEnders spoilers: Whitney and Leo in a brutal fight to the death as he attacks her after hiding in her attic


EASTENDERS’ Whitney Dean is set for a terrifying fight to the death with stalker Leo King next week.

The market stall holder – who is played by actress Shona McGarty in the BBC soap – will be forced to fight for her life when Leo secretly moves into her attic to stalk her before attacking her.

Leo watches Whitney from the attic

Viewers have been left disturbed by Leo’s behaviour over the last few months.

He tracked Whitney down for revenge, convinced she had lied about what his paedophile dad Tony had done to her but later seemed to believe her after a confrontation.

However that coincided with him locking his mother in a car boot for two days and Whitney rejecting him for good.

But instead of leaving he stuck around and has decided to terrorise Whitney, realising that if he can’t have her then she should suffer.

Whitney’s terrified after Leo breaks in

He reads the letter from his dad

He will break into Dot’s house and hide in the attic to listen to Whitney and watch her every waking moment – and he soon learns that Whitney kept a letter from Tony from when he abused her.

Later, after their bust-up Whitney apologises to Kat and the pair have a heart to heart, but they are unaware Leo is turning Dots upside down looking for Tonys letter.

As Whitney arrives home shes filled with fear and as the police arrive, Kat makes it clear whos behind it and they set about looking for Leo elsewhere.

Whitney is horrified when she realises her letter from Tony is missing and as she alerts the police, Leo lurks in Dots room waiting to pounce.

Ruby arrives and as her and Kat learn whats happened, they try to calm Whitney down with Kat suggesting they all go to the boat party to unwind.

But as Whitney prepares to leave for the party she is petrified to see Leo appear in her bedroom.

He doesn’t even try to mask his hatred for her and Whitney is forced to fight for her life as he tries to get revenge for his father.

By the end of the night one person will be left with blood on their hands.