EastEnders spoilers: Zack Hudson ransacks sister Sharon Watts’ bedroom to find his inheritance from dead dad Gavin


ZACK Hudson rifles through his sister Sharon Watts’ bedroom next week in EastEnders to find his inheritance from dead dad Gavin. 

Sharon came face to face with the newcomer – who is played by James Farrar in the BBC One soap – and was shocked to discover he’s her long-lost brother.

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Zack reappears and makes an effort with his sister Sharon

And Sharon is in for another shock next week as Zack rolls up in Walford.

Zack receives a mixed welcome from Sharon when he turns up outside the pub, but he is determined to build a relationship with his sister and, later in the week, insists on buying her breakfast.

When Kheerat comes over after spotting Sharon with a mysterious newcomer, Zack sneakily swipes her keys while she isn’t looking. 

Sharon later catches Zack rifling through her things at her flat, and she’s unsettled when he announces he’s discovered that their late dad Gavin left them both something in his will. 

How will Sharon react?

Actor James Farrar has confirmed that his character will be sticking around in Walford.

Sharon finds Zack snooping through her things

Zack discovers his late dad Gavin left him something in his will

Discussing who Zack will be crossing paths with in the coming weeks, James revealed: “There is some stuff with Ruby, though, and Jean.

“There’s also some stuff with Bobby, who is such a terrific young actor.

“The fact that Gillian and Letitia were in my opening episode was great – long may that continue. Whether it’s Phil or Kathy or Sharon – I love the history there. Zack has no idea who these guys are or how long they’ve been in Walford.”

Teasing a romance between Zack and Nancy Carter, James told HOAR Online and other media: “There’s a certain blonde that’s returning that I have a feeling there might be some friction with and considering a lot of my scenes are with the Carters, you’ll probably be able to guess who that is.”

Asked whether Zack has had a difficult childhood – and whether the soap will explore that in upcoming scenes – James added: “There’s trauma, certainly.

“Seeing as nobody knows him, it’s hard for Zack to fit in, seeing as he finds it easy to impress with his charisma, but makes so many mistakes due to his upbringing.

“There are already scenes I’ve shot that show that there’s reasons behind the way he acts when he acts in an ignorant way. But the majority of the time he’s a nice guy.”