EastEnders star Maisie Smith jokes she’s got 3rd degree burns after skidding down her stairs for TikTok


EASTENDERS star Maisie Smith has joked she’s given herself 3rd degree burns after skidding down her carpeted stairs.

The actress – who plays Tiffany Baker in the BBC soap – performed the painful move for a video on her TikTok account.

Maisie joked skidding down her stairs gave her third degree burns

In the clip, set to Night Crawer by Duke Dumount, Maisie wakes up starving and decides to stealth her way to the kitchen.

But instead of walking, she forward rolls before skidding down the stairs flat on her back – and hitting the bannisters on the way down.

She then crawls into the kitchen to find her chocolate spread prize – before being found by her disapproving mum.

Making the video didn’t come without injuries for Maisie who commented: “I got 3rd degree burns filming this 🥵 #nightcrawler”

She finally gets her treat – but her mum catches her in the act

Maisie’s lookalike mum caught her in the TikTok

The actress was joined by her older sister and mum

Sunglasses and their pet dog were part of the routine

Once again fans couldn’t believe how much Maisie looks like her lookalike mum.

Earlier this month the mother and daughter were joined by Maisie’s sister and fans could barely tell them apart.

Wearing a bright yellow vest top with pink shorts, the 18-year-old showed off her moves to the song Swipe Left, Swipe Right by 220 Kid and Gracey.

Fans could not get over how alike they all looked

All three swung their hips as they danced

Maisie, who plays Tiffany Baker in the BBC1 soap, at first appears in the video alone, before being joined by her look-a-like mother Julia, swiftly followed by her older sister Scarlett.

Swinging their hips and dropping down low to the music, the trio flick their sunglasses over their eyes, before nodding their heads to the music.

“The genes in this family are RIDICULOUSSSSSS🔥😍😍,” said a fan.

Commenting on the similarities between the three, another wrote: “Your all so alike love watching your Tik Tok videos x” and “Since when has there been a clone filter?? 🤯

Another added: “Mum looks like your twin wow what a sort she is enough already 😂😂 all love pleasure watching you matey xx”

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