EastEnders Star Molly Rainford Opens Up About Soap Future and Emotional Storyline


EastEnders actress Molly Rainford has revealed details about her future on the popular BBC soap. Speaking about an upcoming storyline for the Knight family, Rainford described it as "emotional" and "hard hitting." The storyline will unfold over the coming months and Rainford expressed her hope to become a "legacy" character on the show. She also mentioned her desire to work with iconic characters such as the Slaters and Phil Mitchell. Rainford also discussed the top-secret Christmas murder scenes and her concerns for her on-screen step-sister Linda Carter.

Emotional and Hard Hitting

Molly Rainford, known for her role on EastEnders, has shared some insights into her soap future. She revealed that an upcoming storyline for the Knight family will be "emotional" and "hard hitting." Rainford expressed her desire to become a "legacy" character on the show and mentioned her admiration for iconic characters such as the Slaters and Phil Mitchell.

Top-Secret Christmas Murder Scenes

Rainford also discussed the Christmas murder scenes on EastEnders, which were kept top secret from the cast members not involved in the plot. She commented on the secrecy surrounding the scenes and expressed her worries for her on-screen step-sister Linda Carter, who is struggling with her emotions. Rainford also mentioned her sadness at the departure of her cast mate Danny Walters and her excitement to see what he does next.

Concerns for the Matriarchs

As the storyline unfolds, Rainford expressed her concerns for the six matriarchs on the show. She mentioned her fear of the character Nish and his role in the upcoming events. Rainford also hinted at the possibility of Nish regaining his memory and the potential trouble it could cause for the matriarchs.

A Sensitive and Accurate Storyline

The EastEnders crew has worked closely with experts and individuals who have experienced the process of farming in real life in order to accurately portray the difficult storyline. The show's boss, Chris Clenshaw, emphasized the importance of handling the storyline sensitively and accurately, reflecting EastEnders' commitment to telling challenging yet truthful stories.

About Molly Rainford

Molly Rainford joined the cast of EastEnders and has been playing the character of George Knight since June last year. George is the partner of Elaine Peacock and arrived in Walford with his daughters Gina and Anna, as well as their dog Tyson.