EastEnders star Nina Wadia reveals her long-term memory has been stunted after playing Zainab Masood


SOAPS can be criticised for forgettable plots – just ask Nina Wadia, whose long-term memory has been stunted after playing Zainab Masood in EastEnders.

The actress was on the Square for six years before quitting in 2013.

Nina Wadia says her time on EastEnders stunted her long-term memory

Nadia, who is in the final of Channel 4’s Can I Improve My Memory, which ends on Thursday, said: “Having been on EastEnders, my memory changed and adapted.

“Short-term memory – really good, but my long-term memory suffered.

“It was not only the volume but the speed at which you have to learn lines.”

Cast-mate Adam Woodyatt suggested Nina re-think the way she studied her scripts.

She revealed: “Adam said, ‘Don’t learn the lines, remember them’.

“Your brain needs to forget everything, move on and remember like a shopping list.”

Nina is taking part in Channel 4’s Can I Improve My Memory

The agents of change

AFTER the greyness of lockdown and staring at the same four walls while home working, the Changing Rooms with Dulux reboot on Channel 4 promises some welcome splashes of colour if the new team’s outfits are anything to go by.

Fans got a first look at Anna Richardson joining original star Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead and carpenter/joiner Tibby Singh.

Expect entertaining brushes with disappointment as well as joy as two neighbours dip into renovating a room in each other’s home with contrasting opinions on the results.

The series is coming back without its old host Carol Smilie, who was not asked to make a return despite being a fixture in the original shows.

Another to miss out is Davina McCall. She was initially signed up as host but later replaced by Anna because of a scheduling headache.

Will Bear soon be extinct?

HE may have survived in some of the world’s harshest environments but Bear Grylls may not survive the drive for diversity in TV, according to his colleague Scott Heffield.

Speaking on the Bought the T-shirt podcast, the ex Royal Marines Commando – who checked out the locations for Bear’s wilderness TV shoots – said the days of tough men doing crazy stuff are numbered.

Scott said: “It was all for entertainment and there were a few outrageous survival techniques, like drinking your own urine. You’d never do that.

“But it’s not just Bear. I actually think we’ve all had enough of the military guys.

“We could quite happily see a female adventurer, who hasn’t been in the military, who isn’t gung-ho.”