EastEnders Stars Surprise Fans with Hollywood Film Appearance


Soap legends join Jason Statham in new blockbuster

Viewers of the popular British soap opera, EastEnders, were left in awe as they spotted two familiar faces in a Hollywood film alongside action star Jason Statham. Don Gilet, known for his role as Lucas Johnson, a notorious villain on the show, and David Witts, who portrayed Joey Branning, have made their mark in the global hit, The Beekeeper.

Fans take to social media to express their shock

Soap fans couldn't contain their excitement as they recognized the TV legends on the big screen. Many took to social media to share their surprise and delight. One Twitter user wrote, "Surprised to see Lucas Johnson played by Don Gilet as Deputy Director Prigg in The Beekeeper. Putting on a convincing American accent." Another exclaimed, "I knew that was David Witts in #thebeekeeper." The unexpected appearances of these EastEnders stars have certainly captivated audiences.

A brief look at the soap stars' characters

Don Gilet's character, Lucas Johnson, was a preacher turned murderer on EastEnders. After betraying a drug dealer, he was killed off the show in 2021. David Witts, on the other hand, played Joey Branning, the estranged son of Derek Branning. After a year on EastEnders, Witts pursued other opportunities and even moved to the US. He has since returned to the UK and continues to make a name for himself in the acting industry.

Exciting new ventures for the soap stars

Since departing from EastEnders, Don Gilet and David Witts have explored various acting opportunities. Gilet's American accent in The Beekeeper has impressed audiences, while Witts has gained experience in American teen drama and other film projects. Both actors continue to elevate their careers and delight fans with their versatile performances.

Overall, the surprise appearances of Don Gilet and David Witts in The Beekeeper have delighted fans of EastEnders and sparked excitement among moviegoers. These soap legends are proving that their talents extend far beyond the small screen.