EastEnders viewers call out glaring blunder as Jean Slater steals £5k ring


EASTENDERS viewers have called out a glaring blunder as Jean Slater gets away with stealing a £5k ring.

Jean – who is played by Gillian Wright on the BBC soap – proposed to boyfriend Harvey Monroe last week as her erratic behaviour continued to raise concerns.

Jean Slater faked a heart attack after she was accused of stealing a £5k ring
The jewellers told Jean to keep the ring

The pair then went ring shopping but Jean secretly stole one from the jewellers.

On Wednesday’s episode, Shirley went wedding dress shopping with Jean but the day didn’t go to plan, as Shirley began to pick up on Jean’s abnormal behaviour.

It went from bad to worse when Jean is recognised by the shop attendant who accused her of stealing the ring.

As security held her inside, Jean broke down and faked a heart attack.



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Realising she is clearly unwell and spooked by her behaviour, the owner lets her go with the ring – saying she can claim it back from the insurance.

However, viewers insisted that the scene was unrealistic as no jewellers would allow the theft of a valuable ring.

One wrote: “Like the jewellers would let Jean leave with a £5k ring she nicked like wtf? #EastEnders”

Another posted: “No way would the jewellery shop owner let someone walk out of there with a stolen ring. #EastEnders”

“Come on #EastEnders they would be on the phone to the police in real life.” a third chimed in.

“Bloody hell, Jean Slater is like Gollum with her ring. #EastEnders #MyRing #MyPrecious.”

In recent episodes of the BBC One soap, the character has been acting out, leaving her daughter Stacey (Lacey Turner) worried beyond belief for her well-being.

In upcoming scenes, Jean puts her life in danger as she puts her plans for an extravagant wedding with Harvey into action.

It all begins when Harvey loses his temper at Jean after realising how much money she has spent on their wedding.

He tells her he wants to focus on finding a flat in Southend first, urging her to cancel everything while blissfully unaware she has already received her wedding dress.

He’s even more taken aback when he sees her over the top wedding dress – and slowly realises she might be unwell.

Harvey is desperate to slow things down to keep his son as his main focus and, fuming, Jean moves back in with the Slaters.

Drama picks up a pace when Stacey hears that Billy spotted Jean in her wedding dress, claiming she’s getting married the same day.

Unable to locate her, Stacey enlists Martin’s help and after talking to Harvey, realises she’s gone to Southend alone.

Meanwhile, still believing she’s just having some harmless fun, Jean enjoys the sights of Southend as people compliment her dress and she goes to a local funfair.

Fearing the worst, Stacey runs after Jean and tries to encourage her away from the water.

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The truth sets in for Jean as she realises she is unwell, but she resists Stacey’s help.

Meanwhile Harvey breaks down and questions whether Jean ever really loved him.

Jean proposed to boyfriend Harvey Monroe last week