EastEnders viewers shocked as Isaac drunkenly pulls out his penis in broad daylight near schoolchildren


EASTENDERS viewers were shocked tonight as Isaac drunkenly pulled out his penis in broad daylight near schoolchildren.

The teacher was sat drinking whiskey on a park bench in the Square when he got caught short.

Isaac was almost caught pulling his trousers down

He went to take a leak in the bush when Denise shouted before seeing kids pass by.

One said: “Denise stopped Isaac from potentially getting a criminal record #EastEnders.”

Another joked: “Isaac is taking the p*** today!”

Someone else said: “I understand that Isaac has daddy issues but he’s being less than smart (attempting to drink in public, when he’s a TEACHER!) I don’t like how his storyline has been written for the most part….”

He started to pull at his belt after getting up from the bench
He was caught in the act by Denise
He looked startled

Isaac appeared on the Square over Christmas after it was revealed Patrick’s wife Sheree had been contacting him.

Viewers suspected he was Patrick Trueman’s secret son before the truth was revealed.

After months of deception Isaac finally learnt the truth about Patrick.

As Isaac processes his discovery, Patrick decides to confess to Denise and is left surprisingly reassured by her supportive reaction.

But following tonight’s episode, Isaac is struggling to cope with the shock confession. 6156169026001

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