Eight Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Geoff’s evil plan and Sally’s visit to Yasmeen


GEOFF Metcalfe tries to tighten his grip around Yasmeen next week in Coronation Street by stealing Alya’s phone and receiving a phone call from prison.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the ITV soap…


1. Leanne spirals

Leanne Battersby spirals in the wake of Oliver’s diagnosis in Corrie

In the wake of Oliver’s awful diagnosis, Leanne heads on a downard spiral and starts wandering around in her pyjamas at the crack of dawn.

When she heads to Steve’s house to find Oliver where he’s staying the night, a worried Nick follows her and brings her home.

Later, Dr Gaddas suggests that Leanne should consider counselling or medication to help her cope, but a distraught Leanne insists she’s fine.

2. Leanne lashes out

Leanne tells Dr Gaddas she's fine

Dr Gaddas suggests counselling or medication

Later, Leanne lashes out at her sister Toyah when she comes round, insisting she has no idea how she’s feeling.

Imran and Nick urge Leanne not to take things out on Toyah and Nick.

They then suggest they all go to a support group for parents of terminally ill children, but Leanne isn’t so keen.

3. Leanne considers a support group

Leanne lashes out at her sister Toyah

Leanne lashes out at her sister Toyah in Corrie

Later, Leanne apologises to Toyah for taking her frustration out on her. 

Toyah then asks her friend Josie to come over and explains that she runs the support group Nick suggested.

Leanne is apprehensive initially but as Josie tells her story, Leanne finds herself taking comfort in hearing another person’s experience of grief.

4. Sally discovers more of Geoff’s abuse

Corrie’s Cathy tells Sally about Geoff’s sick magic trick torture

Cathy tells Sally about the awful incident when Geoff locked Yasmeen in his magic box and left her there for hours.

Sally is horrified and kicks herself for not noticing signs of Geoff’s abuse earlier than she did.

5. Sally visits Yasmeen

Sally Webster visits Yasmeen in prison

Sally goes to visit Yasmeen in prison next week in Corrie

When Alya asks Sally to be a witness for the defence, she decides she needs to go and visit Yasmeen to hear her side of the story. 

Sally is stunned and saddened by the tales of abuse Yasmeen recounts, and can’t help but challenge Geoff when she returns home.

6. Tim gets a shock

Geoff applies for a prison visit to see Yasmeen

Tim walks in on Geoff raging at Sally in Corrie

Corrie fans have been baffled as to how Tim hasn’t managed to put two and two together and realise his dad has been abusing Yasmeen.

But he gets a shock next week when he walks in to find his dad raging and Sally looking terrified after she challenges him about his abuse after her prison visit.

Has Geoff revealed his true colours to his son?

7. Geoff contacts Yasmeen

Geoff steals Alya’s phone and receives a call from Yasmeen in prison

Geoff steals Alya’s phone and receives Yasmeen’s call in Corrie

Later in the week, Geoff returns to work at Speed Daal – much to Alya’s dismay. 

When Alya gets a call from Imran, Geoff listens in and overhears Alya saying she’s expecting a call from Yasmeen in the afternoon. 

Spotting an opportunity to manipulate Yasmeen, sneakily steals Alya’s phone while she’s not looking and receives the phone call from Yasmeen.

At the other end of the line, Yasmeen is horrified to hear her abuser’s voice.

Will Geoff scare her into keeping quiet?

8. Gary panics

Laura calls at the furniture shop and tells Gary that Rick has 24 hours to give her more money or she’ll ring the police. 

Gary is left in a bit of a pickle given that he secretly murdered Rick and buried him in a forest last year.

Will Gary pay Laura to keep her quiet or could his killer secret finally be exposed?