Eight EastEnders spoilers for next week including Phil’s return and Sharon’s rage


SHARON launches at Phil in an explosive showdown next week when he dares to show his face at Denny’s funeral.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in EastEnders next week… 

1. Sharon bans the Mitchells from Dennis’s funeral 

Sharon is a wreck on the day of Denny’s funeral

As the dreaded day of Denny’s funeral arrives, Sharon insists no Mitchell is welcome at his send off.
The grieving mother is infuriated when Ben rocks up at the wake and forces his way in to pay his respects.

2. Phil arrives back

Sharon launches at Phil in EastEnders

As Sharon storms out of the funeral, she’s stunned by who she sees – Phil.

Fans know that Sharon holds Phil personally responsible for the death of her son after he caused the boat to crash.
The next day, Sharon loses it and angrily launches herself at Phil, forcing Ian and Kathy to intervene.

Phil begs to speak to Sharon and kicks Ian’s door down.

But on the other side he’s met with a barrage of abuse from Sharon.

Things escalate rapidly, leading Ian with no option but to phone the police.

Phil scarpers at the mention of the cops, leaving Sharon searching for him to continue the fight.

3. Phil makes a huge decision

Phil makes a big decision in EastEnders

Sharon later searches for Phil and finds him at The Arches.

EastEnders are remaining tight-lipped on whether there’ll be another showdown or whether they’ll work use the time to bond again. 

Whatever happens, when Ian spots Phil in the Square later, he’s shocked by what the Walford hardman has to say.  

4. Ian plays dirty

Ian destroys Denny’s voicemail in EastEnders

When Dotty gets sozzled, Ian takes the opportunity to root through her bag and seize the keys to the Arches. 

While he’s at it, he destroys the phone with Dennis’s incriminating voicemail on it. 

He sneers as he tells Dotty what he’s done later in the week before ordering her out of the house. 

But he’s stunned when Dotty retaliates by telling him she’s got CCTV footage proving he killed Denny. 

Ian is horrified – but what’s he going to do? 

5. Ben declares his love for Callum

Things are looking up for Ben and Callum

Following Ben’s cruel betrayal and arrest, Callum proves he’s in it for the long haul by supporting Ben through the day of Dennis’s funeral. 

Callum encourages Ben not to run away from his problems, and face up to Sharon. 

Ben is touched by Callum’s support and declares his undying love for him


6. Habiba and Jags hit it off

Habiba and Jags have a night of passion

Habiba thinks she’s seen a new side to Jags when he tells her about the death of a friend and ho he’s struggling in the aftermath. 

Before they know it, things escalate and the pair spend the night together. 

But are things as they seem or is Jags going to hurt Habiba?

7. Bobby crushes on Dotty

Bobby develops a crush on Dotty in EastEnders

Bobby develops a crush on Dotty. 

Dotty isn’t too impressed by the idea, given her expression on the spoiler pic above.

There’s also a possible romance between her and Bobby’s brother Peter on the horizon. 

Could EastEnders be heading towards a pretty awkward love triangle?

8. Vinny befriends Dotty

Vinny and Dotty strike up a friendship

Dotty’s getting all the attention from the boys next week as she also befriends Vinny. 

After striking up a friendship with him while he’s spraying graffiti, she wastes little time in asking him for a drink. 

But when Vinny realises she’s looking for trouble, he calls it a night and heads home.