Emmerdale and Eastenders clash tonight as ITV soap gets hour-long episode


SOAP fans face a tough decision tonight – as Emmerdale and EastEnders are going head-to-head thanks to the ITV’s soap hour-long episode.

Between 7.30 and 8pm fans will have to pick between Ben Mitchell’s big revelation on Albert Square and Mandy Dingle’s similarly shocking confession in the Dales.

Mandy and Vinny are forced to come clean about their casino scam

Usually, the soaps are kept apart to avoid disappointing viewers who like to watch them all – but a collision tonight proved inevitable.

Two big secrets are revealed in Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale – and they both come from the Dingle family.

Mandy Dingle is forced to answer for her crimes after trying to make a run for it with Vinny and Lydia’s cash.

They pair are dragged back to the village when their van breaks down and grilled about their casino scam in a bizarre Dingle Court that has been convened.

The pair are dragged back to face a hastily-assembled Dingle Court

Meanwhile, Ben has a bombshell for Sharon in tonight’s EastEnders

And if that’s not enough, there’s another secret that’s set to slip out – one that Vinny was hoping the Dingles would never discover.

EastEnders viewers are also in for a treat, with Ben dropping a bombshell when Sharon Mitchell’s grip on the club continues to loosen.

Ruby Allen even makes an offer but it all ends in a row when Sharon disputes the amount she’s offered – before Ben turns up to make things even more complicated.

The ever-nosy lad asks why she’s selling the first place and she explains that it’s all down to scheming Mel Owen.

Ben has been poking around in Sharon’s business

However, Ben then shares a huge secret – which is set to have a huge knock-on effect on one EastEnders star in particular.

It’s a night of long programmes tonight, with the epic Emmerdale being followed by two hours of Midsomer Murders from 8pm.

Holby City, crime drama Dublin Murders are also an hour, while The Great British Bake-Off is its usually length hour and 15 minutes.