Emmerdale Cheaters Caught in Explosive Christmas Spoilers


Illicit Romance Exposed

Tracy Robinson and Caleb Milligan have found themselves in a steamy affair, but their secret romance is about to be revealed.

A Family Affair

Caleb Milligan, who arrived in Emmerdale on Christmas Day in 2022, has been causing trouble ever since. Now, he's involved in an affair with his nephew's wife, Tracy Robinson.

Caught in the Act

As Christmas approaches, Caleb and Tracy can't resist their chemistry. However, their secret is in danger of being exposed when another villager catches them in an embrace.

The Consequences

If Caleb's half-brother Cain finds out about the affair, his legendary anger could have deadly consequences. Caleb's relationship with his family is already strained, and this affair could make things even worse.

Will the Truth Come Out?

Tracy's husband, Nate, is oblivious to his uncle's involvement with his wife. But how long can the affair stay hidden, and will Nate ever find out?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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