Emmerdale Christmas and New Year 2020: spoilers, times and schedule


EMMERDALE fans are in for a festive shocker on Christmas Day as Al Chapman’s mystery other woman is revealed in dramatic fashion. 

Here’s all the spoilers you need for Christmas and New Year 2020 in the Dales…

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Chas is furious when she catches Charity stealing goods with Mackenzie

Monday December 21 – 7pm

Chas is furious when she catches Charity working with Mackenzie to stash stolen goods, and worries about how Charity’s behaviour is impacting Noah. 

Jamie returns to Home Farm and gets a mouthful from Kim Tate, who’s furious with him for bringing shame on the Tate name. 

Laurel struggles to cope in the wake of her termination

Tuesday December 22 – 7pm 

Moira infuriates Cain when she asks her brother to move in when he announces that he’s leaving. 

Meanwhile, Andrea is fuming when she has to hand Millie over to Kim and Jamie for parts of Christmas. 

Elsewhere, Laurel struggles to cope in the wake of her termination and, full of self-loathing, crumbles when Marlon is understanding about her decision. 

Paddy despairs when his wedding plans start to fall apart

Wednesday December 23 – 7pm

Charity overhears wedding talk at the church and is dismayed to realise she’s not invited to Chas and Paddy’s wedding.

Mackenzie is almost caught stashing stolen goods by Moira but manages to dodge a bullet. 

Paddy despairs when his wedding plans start to fall apart. Will he be able to pull the ceremony off?

Mackenzie argues with Moira and storms off

Christmas Eve – 6:45pm (60-minute episode)

Mackenzie argues with Moira just as it looked like they were starting to bond – and storms out. 

Al is smug when he manages to juggle his two women in the countdown to Christmas. 

Paul turns to violence when Liv drops the bombshell about his gambling and Vinny confronts him. Will another attack from his dad be the final straw?

Charity dresses in black and sets out to ruin Christmas

Christmas Day – 6pm (60-minute episode)

Charity dresses up in funeral attire on the day of Chas and Paddy’s wedding – and sets out to ruin Christmas. Will Chas make it down the aisle?

Al sneaks off to meet his mistress, but viewers will see Dawn Taylor, Belle Dingle and Andrea all receive suspicious text messages. Is one of the three having an affair with Al?

Harriet struggles to cope with the stress of moving Malone’s body and gets a new vicar called Charles in to go ahead with the wedding. 

Al’s mystery woman is exposed over the Christmas period in Emmerdale

Monday December 28 – 7pm

Charity and Mackenzie’s plan to rob a driver goes pear-shaped.

Chas and Charity try to patch things up between them, but will Charity manage to make it up to Chas?

Priya discovers Al’s affair

Tuesday December 29 – 7pm

Emmerdale has teased that Al’s affair will be revealed to Priya, but how will she react to the news?

And who will the culprit be?

Kim is horrified when Jamie and Andrea get back together

Wednesday December 30 – 7pm

Andrea gives Jamie a shock ultimatum. 

A smug Jamie tells Kim that he and Andrea are making another go of things, much to Kim’s horror. 

Will Andrea kick Kim out again?

Mandy turns to booze on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve – 7.30pm (60-minute episode)

Rhona is thrilled when Marlon agrees to face 2021 with her. 

Elsewhere, Mandy turns to booze on New Year’s Eve, but what’s caused her to turn to the bottle?

Has Vinny come clean about Paul’s brutal attacks?

Paul faces the consequences of his actions

New Year’s Day – 7pm (60-minute episode)

The walls close in around Paul as he realises he has to face the consequences of his actions. 

But will he go through with confessing his antics to Mandy?

If so, how will she react?