Emmerdale drops massive clue about true identity of pregnant Chloe Harris’ baby as she quits the village


EMMERDALE fans have proposed a new theory about the paternity of Chloe Harris’ unborn child.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera saw Chloe leave the viallge in a taxi following a final showdown with Mackenzie Boyd, who Chloe insists is the baby’s father.

Chloe shot Paddy a look as she left the village

Paddy smiled at her prompting a raft of questions from fans

Chloe and Mackenzie slept together during a moment of madness when Mack cheated on partner Charity Dingle.

So far Mack has refused direct involvement with the baby as he focuses on his engagement to Charity as their romance is getting stronger and stronger by the day.

Chloe has been left dealing with the pregnancy largely alone following the disappearance of her mother Kerry who felt the village following the revelation that Al was having an affair.

But viewers have been convinced there is more to the story than meets the eye and they think that Mack is not the father of the baby after all.

As Chloe headed out of the village, Paddy Kirk notably flashed her a smile as she was driven away amid his marriage crisis with Chas.

Paddy and Chloe have had limited interactions and never enjoyed a close relationship and fans have now speculated something happened between the pair off-screen and that Paddy could be the baby’s father.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said:  “Am I missing something between Chloe and Paddy, is he the baby’s father?”

Another added: “Why did Chloe stare at Paddy?”

While a third declared: “Think Paddys the real father of her baby.”

As a fourth pointed out the shocking but credible explanation, saying: “Gorgeous girl sleeps with grumpy vet old enough to be her grandfather, #Emmerdale may be far fetched but really!”

Viewers will have to wait and see if Chloe has really gone for good and if there is more than meets the eye between her and heartbroken Paddy.