Emmerdale fans accuse Eastenders of copying week of flashback episodes, calling 35th anniversary Groundhog Day


EMMERDALE fans are convinced that EastEnders are copying the soap’s week of flashback episodes with the ongoing boat disaster.

The ITV soap used the idea to illustrate the murder of Graham Foster and the BBC serial drama have adopted the same approach for the ongoing boat disaster.

Dennis was trapped in a changing room by Ian

To mark the 35th anniversary of EastEnders, the show decided to go with a boat tragedy on the Thames, which has been told from different points of view.

On Monday we saw the lead-up to the incident from the perspective of Mick and Linda Carter, whose marriage is in tatters following the landlady’s addiction to alcohol and son Ollie being put in danger as a result.

Last night we saw the story told from the perspective of Ian Beale, who was infuriated by Dennis Mitchell’s treatment of son Bobby, but now faces a battle to save the boy who he locked in a changing room.

Tomorrow night we will see the build up to the boat disaster from the perspective of the Mitchell family, before finding out which character tragically dies on Friday.

Graham received a week of flashback episodes dedicated to his death

Pierce Harris returned and killed Graham

This is very similar to the Emmerdale storyline from last month, as the Yorkshire-based drama used flashbacks from different points of view to uncover who murdered Graham Foster.

Characters such as Charity Dingle, Jai Sharma, Marlon Dingle and members of the Tate family all received their own flashback episodes which suggested they had killed Graham.

Audience members were given a shock when the murderer turned out to be a returning Pierce Harris, who had been released from prison after he raped ex-wife Rhona Goskirk.

Emmerdale fans headed to Twitter and claimed that the soap was being copied by one of their fierce rivals.

Emmerdale fans believe EastEnders took a page out of their book with a week of flashback episodes


One fan said: “Eastenders casually copying the format Emmerdale did over Graham’s death just a few weeks back.”

Another fan chuckled: “Lol so this is basically the same as emmerdale a few weeks ago when see a different side of the story each night.”

A third viewer asked: “So this Weeks #EastEnders is different scenarios each night like Who killed Graham in #Emmerdale?”

Whilst a fourth follower commented: “Is this going to be #Eastenders‘ equivalent of Graham’s murder in #Emmerdale?! Same episode every day until we find out what really happened?”

Several stories will come to a head during this week in EastEnders, including the Keanu Taylor and Phil Mitchell.

Keanu is out for revenge and will come to blows with, after him and Ben ordered him to be killed after they discovered he had slept with wife Sharon and got her pregnant.

Mick and Linda are set for divorce after a torrid time recently, but they are left fighting for the lives as they are trapped in the kitchen on the lower deck of the boat, with the water rapidly rising.

With so many possible outcomes, which character will die when the week of thrilling EastEnders episodes come to an end?