Emmerdale fans all have same complaint about serial killer Meena in prison


EMMERDALE fans were confused to see serial killer Meena in what appeared to be an open prison.

Meena – who is played by actress Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap – is locked up awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of three murders.

Emmerdale viewers questioned Meena’s prison
Meena didn’t appear to be in a secure prison

During tonight’s episode she was seen watching TV and being left with her door open as she chatted to a guard.

Those watching at home expected to see her in a maximum security prison due to her crimes and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person remarked: “She is supposed to be a convicted serial killer, not walking about an open prison wing like she’s been done for selling dodgy beer🤣#emmerdale.”

A second commented: “She should definitely be in a higher security prison 😂#emmerdale.”

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While a third added: “Why is she not in a more secure prison #Emmerdale.”

Meena killed Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker in cold blood and was found guilty in court.

However she also confessed to murdering her friend Nadine and her own dad during her explosive post trial siege. 

In scenes wish aired this evening,  Meena was trying to revel in her newfound fame by watching the news in her cell – but a new prison officer put a stop to it.

She removed the plug from the telly – sending Meena into a furious rage.

But realising she couldn’t win against the new officer, Meena changed tactics and fans think she revealed her new plan.

“Actually forget it,” she said choosing a different tactic to the officer.

“Too much screen-time is bad for you anyway. And who needs telly when it’s all up here.

“So many lovely memories, and so many more just waiting to be made.

“Starting tomorrow with the whole world watching.”