Emmerdale fans all say the same thing as Leyla returns to village after overdose


AFTER a lengthy rehab stint, Leyla Cavanagh made her way back to the village.

But when she was reunited with her husband Liam, Emmerdale fans concluded their relationship was officially over.

Leyla Cavanagh returned to the Dales during last night’s Emmerdale instalment

Her husband Liam knew nothing of her return

Leyla mentioned she didn’t know if she felt ready to come back

Leyla and Liam’s marriage has been on the rocks for several months.

ITV viewers have watched helplessly as the wedding planner portrayed by Roxy Shahidi spiralled out of control while her cocaine addiction took hold.

Leyla’s vice escalated and landed her in hospital after she suffered from an overdose.

Liam (played by Jonny McPherson) was horrified to find his wife laying unconscious in their home.

The damage to the relationship was clearly done as the pair have lost their spark ever since.

And Leyla seemed to make it clear that the passion between them is gone during last night’s trip to the Dales as she returned to the eponymous village.

Soap fans were happy to see the brunette beauty back in Yorkshire after her three-month long rehab stint.

Yet Leyla didn’t seem as over the moon to bump into her husband as she avoided his presence the entire day.

It didn’t take long for viewers to figure out Leyla and Liam’s marriage was over.

“Liam, your relationship with Leyla has run its course”, one viewer commented.

They added: “The woman can’t stand being in the same room with you, and you’re walking around her like you’re walking on egg shells, thinking of something to talk about.”

A second fan agreed: “Oh ffs Liam. Bin Leyla and get back with Bernice. At least she’s a bit more interesting.”

“Liam and Leyla…I can feel the tension and awkwardness between them”, a third viewer echoed.

This also led to one viewer predicting Liam could rekindle his romance with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), while Leyla found new love in the form of pal Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough).

“I think they will put Liam back with Bernice and hook Leyla up with Suzy”, the fan penned.

Spoilers have confirmed Suzy is set for heartbreak with Vanessa Woodfield in upcoming scenes of the Yorkshire-based soap.

Vanessa will be leaving the Dales for a job opportunity in Canada, leaving Suzy alone with Leyla.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

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