Emmerdale fans all saying the same thing after Harriet Finch betrayed Dawn Taylor


EMMERDALE viewers are horrified after Harriet Finch betrayed Dawn Taylor and called social services on her.

Former drug addict Dawn – who is played by actress Olivia Bromley in the ITV soap – bought her dead friend’s daughter Clemmie from the drug addicts who took her in last night.

Dawn is furious when she finds out what Harriet has done

Harriet admitted she had told social services

And tonight Harriet found the girl asleep on her sofa – and took action.

Dawn was devastated when social services took Clemmie away, insisting she had to go into a foster home until they were vetted.

And Dawn soon realised that Harriet was behind the report.

“Tell me this wasn’t you?” she said.

“Tell me you didn’t go behind my back when you saw that terrified little girl. Tell me you didn’t make that call. 

“You have sent her from one hell to another and now she thinks no-one is coming back for her.”

Harriet admitted it was her, saying: “I know it’s harsh but you weren’t aware of the potential repercussions. 

“I care about you, Lucas and Billy so much. I just didn’t want you to get into trouble. Dawn, she’s not yours.”

“I don’t care what you think,” screamed Dawn.

“You have stabbed me in the back. You have no idea what you have done.”

One wrote: “Harriet you little grass.”

A second said:  “That was very nasty Harriet 😡😡😡😡.”

Another added: “Harriet needs lockin up x #emmerdale.”

Dawn finds Clemmie and takes her under her wing

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