Emmerdale fans are left heartbroken after Andrea Tate suffers a miscarriage as Kim throws away DNA results


EMMERDALE viewers have been left heartboken after Andrea Tate loses her baby during tonight’s episode.

In the scenes, blonde baddie Kim discovers Andrea in a state and whisks her to hospital to save her son Jamie’s baby.

Andrea suffered a miscarriage during tonight’s episode

Its not been the easiest few months for newcomer Andrea inthe ITV soap.

The pregnant character hasn’t made many friends since arriving in the village, and seems to have made an enemy out of Graham Foster.

However, things soon worsen for her after she starts to bleed and fears she’s losing her baby.

After being rushed to the hospital by mother-in-law Kim, she is left distraught when shes told the bleeding could be very serious.

Andrea feared she had lost the baby

Kim rushes Andrea to hospital

Jamie is devastated as he finds out Andrea has lost the baby

Meanwhile, husband Jamie receives a worrying voicemail and quickly rushes to be with his beloved.

Kim was previously determined to get a DNA test to prove Graham is the father of Millie and not her son Jamie.

Andrea and Graham had a one night stand a few years ago, which has left Graham questioning if hes Millies biological father.

But after seeing Jamie supporting Andrea in the hospital, she shows her softer side and opens up about her own miscarriage struggles.

Kim and Jamie are there to support Andrea in hospital

Kim rips up the DNA results

She says: “When I miscarried years ago, it would have been Jamie’s older brother or sister, my husband Frank went to pieces.”

Kim then decides not to open the DNA results, adding: “Jamie lost a child he doesn’t know and he’s a mess. How would he be if he lost Millie too? I can’t break my son.”

She rips the envelope up and throws it in the bin.

Fans were left heartbroken by the scenes.

One wrote: “Poor Andrea, and Jamie. Heartbreaking scenes for @AnnaNightingale& @AlexanderLinc12 tonight. No mother should lose a child.”

Another said: “I did love that bond between Andrea and Kim a bit before then.”

A third commented: “Oh thats sad Andreas lost the baby.”