Emmerdale fans baffled by robbery gaffe as Mackenzie Boyd breaks into Eric Pollard’s house


EMMERDALE fans have been left confused by scenes showing Mackenzie Boyd breaking into Eric Pollard’s house.

The robbery gaffe came as Mack, played by Lawrence Robb, walked through an unlocked door.

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Emmerdale fans have been baffled by scenes showing Mack breaking into Eric’s home

Running out of options to make money, Mackenzie was seen lurking outside Eric’s home wearing a beanie and pair of gloves.

When Eric (Chris Chittell) and Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) start to get passionate, the pair head upstairs to take things further.

Taking advantage of Eric’s forgetfulness, Mack slips inside and nabs a red jewellery box from off the coffee table.

Once outside, he gleefully examines his loot – Brenda’s dragonfly brooch.

Chris and Brenda had gone upstairs for an early night
But viewers could not understand why the door had been left unlocked
Mack seemed impressed with his haul

But viewers of the ITV soap were not impressed with how easy the robbery was for Mack.

One wrote on Twitter: “Who doesn’t lock their own front door #Emmerdale”.

A second queried: “Why would you burgle someone just for a broach?

“The stupidest burglary ever #emmerdale.”

While a third commented: “#Emmerdale I know it’s the countryside, but that no one at all sees Mackenzie skulking around the front windows & door of Eric’s.”

A fourth asked: “@emmerdale @itvcorrie Is there a reason why every home in #Emmerdale leaves their doors open? Despite child snatchers, murderers etc.”

Mackenzie was also at the centre of fans slamming the show for gay-baiting with Aaron Dingle.

The mechanic and the criminal have shared multiple flirty scenes over the last few months but it hasn’t gone anywhere.

And now fans have accused the soap of trying to replicate Aaron’s popular relationship with ex-husband Robert Sugden – without actually doing it.

Last night they were criticised for the flirting scenes and they called it gay-baiting.

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