Emmerdale fans call out glaring blunder as Charles eavesdrops on Amelia and Noah’s escape plan


EMMERDALE fans have called out a glaring blunder after Charles eavesdropped on Amelia and Noah’s escape plan.

The pregnant teen and her new boyfriend had decided to leave the village after her baby news caused drama between her family and Samson Dingle’s.

The young couple had decided to leave the village together in Monday’s episode

Samson wants nothing to do with his unborn baby, however his dad’s partner Lydia is keen to be involved, while Amelia’s father Dan is still trying to get his head around the shock news.

On Monday’s episode, Amelia became official with Noah before asking him to leave the village with her and runaway to London to stay with her brother.

In tonight’s episode, the young couple discussed their plan of action while sitting on the swings in the park.

But as they chatted, they were unaware that Charles, the village’s vicar, was passing by on the other side of the wall near the park.

Glancing over at the couple, Charles stopped to eavesdrop before making his presence known.

Charles offered Amelia his support and any help in liaising with her family, before heading off.

Amelia quickly turned to Noah and asked: “Do you think he heard you?”

But Noah replied: “No, he’d have been more freaked out [if he had].”

The teens were mistaken though, and Charles had in fact heard their plans to escape, and started to look for Dan to give him the heads up.

However, some Emmerdale viewers how Charles could have heard them word for word when he was a considerable distance away from them, and they had their backs to him as they spoke.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “No way would Charles hear them from over there. #Emmerdale”

Another added: “Charles has super hearing. #Emmerdale”

A third tweeted: “Well done Charles for telling Dan, but how on earth did he hear their full conversation? #Emmerdale”

Charles offered Amelia his support
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