Emmerdale fans concerned as Paddy Kirk becomes obsessed with baby daughter Eve


EMMERDALE fans are concerned Paddy Kirk is going to suffer a mental health crisis over his irrational worries over baby Eve.

The vet – who is played by actor Dominic Brunt in the ITV soap – has become obsessed with monitoring his baby after accidentally leaving her in a car last month.

Paddy’s behaviour has concerned fans


Social services cleared the couple after Paddy forgot about the baby while he was rushing Marlon to hospital when he was having a heart attack.

He hasn’t seemed able to forgive himself and tonight gave another example of it that worried fans.

Paddy panicked when he realised he had Eve’s stuffed animal and rushed around the village desperately trying to find her to hand it over.

“Thank God for that, I was calling you,” he shouted relieved after running through the village.

Baby Eve was completely oblivious

Chas is starting to realise something isn’t right with Paddy

“I went to the class but you weren’t there – in fact no-one was there. I found this in my bag I’m so sorry.

“I didn’t want her being upset. I thought she would be unsettled. I’m fine, I need to be on a call.”

Chas appears to have realised something is wrong with Paddy’s behaviour.

She waited until later and asked him: “Were you OK earlier? The big soft toy panic. But maybe it’s best we keep it for inside to save it from getting lost or for her getting too dependent on it.

He replied: “Am I doing it wrong again?”

Chas told him: “No, and you need to stop thinking about that.”

It was enough for fans to be concerned for Paddy and his behaviour.

One wrote: “What’s wrong with Paddy? #Emmerdale”

A second said: “#Emmerdale Paddy isn’t behaving normally.”