Emmerdale fans convinced Chas and Paddy will split after explosive row


EMMERDALE fans are convinced Chas and Paddy are heading for a split after they had a furious row.

The landlady and the vet – who are played by actors Lucy Pargeter and Dominic Brunt in the ITV soap – fell out in tonight’s episodes after Paddy betrayed Charity by having Kirin arrested.

Chas and Paddy at a huge row in tonight’s Emmerdale

Charity had been desperate to pay Kirin off so he would sign off on the adoption of his biological son Johnny in case Vanessa dies.

But Paddy put that in danger by calling the police to have the runaway killer arrested.

And it was safe to say that his partner Chas was furious with his actions.

Paddy told her: “I called an ambulance. And the police. Did you really think I would let him get away again? He’s a murderer, what else could I do?”

Paddy called the cops on Kirin

Chas raged: “It’s the arrogance that gets me. How come you get to decide what happens to other people?”

The couple had a furious row which ended with Paddy threatening to tell Vanessa what was going on.

But a furious Chas shut him down and warned him: “And I am saying if you say one word to Vanessa and I might never forgive you.”

Fortunately he didn’t tell Vanessa, and Charity managed to undo the damage he had caused by sneaking into hospital and convincing Kirin to sign the adoption papers and go to prison.

Charity tricked Kirin into signing papers in the hospital

But when she went to tell Chas the news, Paddy tried to act as if he had done nothing wrong causing Charity to call him spineless and walk out.

And when Chas didn’t defend him, he insisted he didn’t mean to hurt her.

She replied: “It’s kind of becoming your mantra, isn’t it Paddy? I mean you didn’t mean to hurt me when you left Eve in the back of the car did you? It’s what’s coming next what’s scaring me.”

With that she walked off as Paddy stood shocked but viewers fear a split is coming for the couple.

One wrote: “Cracks are appearing for Chas & Paddy not sure I see them lasting a lot longer as a couple #Emmerdale.”

A second said: “Tell him Chas. I feel like this is the beginning of the end for them #Emmerdale.”

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