Emmerdale fans convinced Chas will be killed off after Al affair bombshell


EMMERDALE fans predict Chas Dingle will be murdered by Moira Barton after she discovers affair with Al.

Moira could be gunning for Chas after Belle revealed her sister-in-law’s sordid secret in Wednesday’s episode.

Belle breaks down in front of Moira and has a revelation

She was left open-mouthed as Belle broke down while speaking to Moira about the identity of Al’s mistress.

A guilty Belle told Moira that Al would still be alive and Cain wouldn’t be in prison had she exposed their affair when she first found out.

As Moira hugged and comforted Belle, viewers could see the fury on her face.

Is Moira out for revenge?

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Fans seem to think Chas is in danger.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Lookout Chas! Moira is on to you now, better leave the country. #emmerdale.”

Another wrote: “Finally. Moira’s blood is boiling, bring on the drama. #emmerdale.”

A third penned: “#Emmerdale I hope moira makes chas pay for wrecking her life, just cos she wanted something for herself.”

Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson reckons Chas can redeem herself – but are fans willing to forgive her?

Speaking to the press, Jane said: “I think the viewers are always going to find it difficult to forgive her for breaking Paddy’s heart.

“But I think what we will start to see is Chas doing her absolute best to right her wrongs, and put other people first and acknowledge what she did.”

Coming up on the ITV soap, Paddy will finally find out about his wife’s infidelity before Christmas day.

As the couple are torn apart – can Paddy forgive Chas?

Paddy finds out about his wife infidelity