Emmerdale fans convinced Mackenzie Boyd is Kim Tate’s secret lover after string of steamy clues


EMMERDALE fans are convinced Mackenzie Boyd is Kim Tate’s new lover after they struck a secret deal together.

The farmer’s brother – who is played by actor Laurence Robb in the ITV soap – was hired by Kim to join her criminal empire in tonight’s episode.

Mackenzie approached Kim in the Woolpack

The pair struck up a deal after Kim evicted him from Home Farm and seemingly fired him.

However it was all a ruse to get him back under his sister Moira’s table and into her house and farm so they could use her land to hide their stolen goods.

And after he told Charity the news about being back at Moira’s, he met up with Kim to iron out the details of their scheme.

He walked into the pub and immediately offered to buy her a drink, putting her out.

Kim turned down a drink from the stud but had her best vampy outfit on
Fans think they’re going to be getting hot together soon

Mackenzie told her: |Well it’ll give them something to gossip about and I quite like the attention.

“I just came to cheers to our deal, what was it again – you were getting 20 per cent?”

But Kim insisted on 50 per cent of his criminal scheme’s profits.

She said: “And the biggest one you’ve taken is being stupid enough to take advantage of me so let this be a lesson to you.

Mackenzie has already been trying to bed Charity
Will Kim fall for his advances?

“I needed a security manager and you fit the bit and just to be clear – you’re working for me not with me. 

“You look like a lost soul with a huge chip on your shoulder and an attitude problem. 

“But you have proven yourself to be fairly resourceful despite your many obvious impediments.”

But while they were strictly business in the pub, fans are convinced Mackenzie will turn out to be Kim’s new lover.

The queen of the village had no time to indulge Mack
Mack looked like he was plotting something

“Why do I see Kim and MacKenzie eventually sleeping together?,” wrote one. Adding, “They seem to have decent chemistry and there are barely any men in the village that Kim hasn’t slept with and/or flirted with lol.”

A second said: “Kim and Mack! Love it”

Another added: “Ugh Mack! No! Stay away from the dragon lady!”