Emmerdale fans convinced Moira Dingle’s secret son has secretly arrived in the village


MOIRA Dingle is known for being fiercely protective of her four children, Holly, Matty, Adam and Isaac.

Emmerdale fans are convinced her secret fifth child has made his way to the village after a conversation between Kit and Bernice.

Could Moira have a fifth child nobody knows nothing about?
Fans are convinced they’ve found Moira’s long-lost son

Could Kit have a connection with the farmer?

Moira’s children haven’t had the easiest time in the ITV Dales and, while both Matty and Isaac remain in the eponymous village, her son Adam fled the Dales in 2018 never to be seen again.

In recent weeks, particularly after meeting Suzy Merton, Moira Dingle (portrayed by Natalie J. Robb) has also been thinking about the tragic death of her daughter Holly.

But could the arrival of her secret son in Emmerdale change everything?

During Wednesday’s trip to Yorkshire, ITV viewers were given the opportunity to know more about Marlon Dingle’s physical therapist, Kit (played by Thoren Ferguson).

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The newcomer was introduced to Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) by Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) in Café Main Street and an interesting conversation ensued.

It was enough to make fans believe Kit may be Moira’s secret long-lost son as she may have fallen pregnant before meeting her former husband John and building a life for herself in Emmerdale.

“I’m Bernice, local businesswoman, eco-warrior and if anyone asks, I’m single”, Bernice said, in a clear attempt to flirt with the hunk.

Kit replied with a strong Scottish accent: “Nice to meet you. I’m also up for saving the planet, too. I’m mostly plant-powered.”

The physio added he tended to stay away from meat as he has a problem with farming animals, particularly cattle.

Bernice then spoke about her daughter Gabby’s “bad vegan” tendencies before David Metcalfe walked in following his collision with Nicola King, cutting the conversation short.

This has caused a theory to emerge, according to which Moira may have been pregnant when she was younger and gave her baby up for adoption to avoid getting into trouble with her family for raising a child out of wedlock alone.

According to the theory, Moira could have left home to go live in Scotland as soon as her baby bump started to noticeably grow.

She subsequently could have given birth to her son there before leaving him behind.

Kit could have grown up in Scotland and found out throughout the years about his birth mother Moira, harbouring resentment for being abandoned.

As a result, he may have sworn off meat and products from the farm, knowing it was Moira’s job.

Kit’s lack of a surname could also be a clue to him being connected to someone in the village.

Could his real name be Kit Boyd, based on Moira’s maiden name?

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Or are fans looking too hard?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

Lydia introduced Kit to Bernice on Wednesday

The pair briefly spoke

The conversation was enough for fans to speculate Kit could be Moira’s long-lost son