Emmerdale fans convinced they’ve solved jaw-dropping connection between Meena and Manpreet


EMMERDALE viewers are convinced they’ve figured out a huge twist in the soap leading storyline, after concerns have grown about Manpreet Sharma’s role in younger sister Meena Jutla’s killing rampage.

Fans have come to the conclusion they’ve worked out a shocking connection between the pair, and that they could be more than just sisters.

Emmerdale fans are convinced they’ve spotted the connection between Meena and Manpreet
Soap fans are struggling to believe the pair are sisters

Whilst Manpreet looks like she’s starting to catch on to her relative’s twisted murders, it doesn’t look like she’s fully clicked that the four attacks were all down to Meena just yet.

However, Emmerdale fans have claimed that Manpreet could actually be in denial about something so huge, it could’ve been the cause of Meena’s issues.

There is a pretty significant age gap between Manpreet and Meena, with many fans struggling to believe they’re actually sisters, as Manpreet is much older.

Paige Sandhu – who plays Meena – is 24-years-old, whilst Manpreet actress Rebecca Sarker is 45-years-old.

This has given fans cause to believe that Meena could actually be Manpreet’s daughter, and not her younger sister.

The theory is one that many fans seem to be in agreement on, all taking to Twitter and Facebook to discuss the huge plot twist.

One fan wrote on Facebook: “Does anyone think Manpreet could be her mother [and] not her sister… that’s why she can’t do rejection. And maybe Meena knows… just a thought.“

Although Manpreet is currently married to Rishi Sharma, she only recently married him and only arrived in the Dales back in 2018 – so it’s entirely possible the theory could be true.

One fan contested the theory, writing “can’t be her daughter!”, but another pointed out that “Rishi is Manpreet’s latest husband, only been together a couple of years…”.

Meena only joined Emmerdale back in 2020, and hers and Manpreet’s age gap has always baffled viewers.

At the time, fans rushed to Twitter to comment on their age gap, as one wrote: “I think mum not sister”, with another adding “Manpreet’s other daughter ain’t she not sister? Something dodgy.“

Another agreed: “I’m convinced Meena is Manpreet’s daughter, mark my words.”

Soap viewers think Manpreet is actually murderer Meena’s mum
Manpreet is becoming suspicious about Meena’s antics

Manpreet;’s age difference with Meena has prompted fans to think twice about their relationship

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