Emmerdale fans convinced they’ve worked out sinister Nicky’s secret plan


HOME FARM staff welcomed Nicky within their ranks as the hunk took on the role of nanny.

But as time goes by in Emmerdale, soap fans are convinced they’ve rumbled his true motives.

Is there more than meets the eye with Nicky?

He recently rejected Gabby Thomas

The young mother made her attraction for him very clear

Is Nicky really too good to be true? ITV viewers are sticking to their hunch after years in the eponymous village have taught never to trust newcomers easily.

Fans of the Yorkshire-based drama became suspicious of the male nanny (portrayed by Lewis Cope) upon his first arrival in the Dales.

However, after he rejected Gabby Thomas’ advances, they believe he could be working with Jamie Tate.

In a sinister prediction, some fans suspect Nicky to be helping the troublesome character get custody of his and Gabby’s son Thomas.

One viewer kicked off the conversation by writing on social media: “Something about the nanny I don’t trust…”

Another Twitter user responded: “Something to do with Jaime Tate, to get Thomas taken away from Gabby.”

“Working for Jamie!”, a third viewer echoed.

While a fourth agreed, they threw another name into the mix: “Either a spy for Jamie or Alex (Lucas and Clemmie’s dad).”

“Nicky is definitely too good to be true”, a fifth watcher commented, paired with a confused emoji.

As soap fans will remember, Jamie Tate faked his death in September, 2021, making his mother Kim and everyone else in the village believe he had drowned after a car accident.

But in a shocking twist, and soon after his former wife Andrea’s murder, it was revealed Jamie was actually alive and well as he bonded with his daughter Millie.

Andrea’s mother Hazel even helped him get closer to the child by taking her away from Home Farm and paternal grandmother Kim.

In recent months, viewers have been eagerly waiting for Jamie to make a thunderous return to Emmerdale as Gabby and Dawn Fletcher found out he was still alive.

Scenes aired in 2022 showed a terrified Gabby trying to cope with the possibility of Jamie being back, ready for anything to take Thomas away with him and flee the country.

Panicked, Gabby eventually shot Will Taylor by mistake, believing he was an intruder in Home Farm.

Kim was then made aware that her son was still alive, leading her to break down upon realising Jamie was up to his old deceitful tricks.

Emmerdale has yet to tie up the loose end but could Nicky bring closure to Kim and the rest of Jamie’s family?

Will he use Gabby to help Jamie?

Tune in to ITV from 7.30pm to find out.

Nicky was hired as a nanny in Home Farm

But could he be up to something sinister?