Emmerdale fans devastated as Faith Dingle makes heartbreaking decision about her cancer treatment


EMMERDALE fans are devastated after Faith Dingle decided to stop her cancer treatment.

The barmaid – who is played by actress Sally Dexter in the ITV soap – is suffering from secondary breast cancer.

Faith Dingle has decided to stop her cancer treatment
She has told daughter Chas the heartbreaking news

It is terminal and has now affected her lungs and bones.

The doctors have given her chemo in an effort to extend her life but in tonight’s episode it became clear that she was suffering from it.

After taking her anti sickness medicine to little effect, Faith sat her daughter Chas down and told her about her decision.

“I’ve been able to handle the nausea, after all it’s not my first rodeo,” she told Chas.



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Emmerdale fans disgusted at Chas Dingle for reaction to mum Faith’s terminal cancer

“But the exhaustion – that seems to be getting worse. I wouldn’t say no to a new set of lungs if they’re offering. Except it’s in my bones too.”

She added: “I think the chemo is not for me, Chas. Not this time.

“The best it’s going to do is give me a couple more months. But at what cost? I think it’s time to knock it on the head, love.

“That’s the trick of life, you see, knowing when to hold them and when to fold them. 

“I’m in the best place to be, nothing’s going to get better from here on in. I’ve fought this fight before don’t forget. 

“I remember the relief when I got the all clear. No amount of chemotherapy is going to help, plus the fact it’s making me feel worse.”

Chas begged her mum to reconsider – and even went to Cain to recruit him in her mission.

But viewers don’t think they’ll change her mind and they are devastated about Faith’s decision.

One wrote: “I really don’t want Faith to die, she’s just so lovely.”

A second said: “So sad hearing Faith saying she wants to stop with the treatment.”

Another added: “#Emmerdale how dare Faith make me cry like that.”

Faith is finding her exhaustion and sickness from chemo too much to deal with