Emmerdale fans disgusted as Andrea Tate blackmails Jamie into being with her again


EMMERDALE fans are disgusted by Andrea Tate blackmailing Jamie into being her husband again.

The wedding planner – who is played by actress Anna Nightingale in the ITV soap – has been trying unsuccessfully win her husband back since he left her for Belle Dingle.

Jamie told Andrea that he doesn’t love her after she pretended everything was fine

She finally got her chance last week as Jamie went to confront her but ended up accidentally hitting Moira Barton with his car and leaving her for dead.

At first Andrea tried to convince Jamie that he had hit an animal and it was all fine.

Andrea appeared to be blackmailing Jamie as she threatened to go to the police about the hit and run

But once she had cleared up the evidence on the car, Jamie discovered it was Moira and Andrea played on his emotional state to stop him confessing.

Instead she manipulated him into thinking the only way he would be safe was if they got back together.

In tonight’s episode a heartbroken Belle discovered they were back together and laid into Jamie for breaking her heart.

Things clearly got to Jamie and he tried to leave Andrea for Belle again – but she decided that she wouldn’t let that happen.

Belle was gutted as she thought Jamie had gone back to Andrea

At first she tried to use Belle’s mental health issues as a reason Jamie shouldn’t go – but that just made him further determined to get out from his toxic marriage.

But then Andrea decided to drop her pretence and instead revealed her plan was to simply blackmail Jamie into being her husband.

She told him: “I think you need to think very hard about your priorities. Me and your daughter are all that matters. Walk away and it’ll break my heart. 

“Maybe enough for me to go to the police and tell them everything. Stay here with a family that loves you and your secret will be safe forever. Your call darling.”

Andrea desperately tried to convince Jamie that they should be together

Viewers were disgusted with Andrea’s actions.

One wrote: “Ruthless Andrea, ruthless,” while a second said: “Andrea is so playing Jamie. #Emmerdale.”

A third tweeted: “C’mon Andrea take the hint he says he doesn’t love you, leave with whatever dignity you have left, just goooooo! #emmerdale.”

A fourth person posted: “Andrea darling. Wet boy doesnt want you. Blackmailing his soggy a**e is not gonna change that! #Emmerdale.”